July 9, 2003 - Hanusa Family Trip Part I - to Niagara Falls

It feels good to get out of the car ... and into the tree?

Niagara Falls from upstream.

Here are both sets of falls.

This is a boat we did not go on.

The falls up close.

Plus some scenery.

US side of the falls.

Looking down from the viewpoint above.

After the falls, we headed to the Butterfly Gardens.

There there were nice butterflies...







... and some other occupants.

July 9-11, 2003 - Hanusa Family Trip Part II - to Ottawa

After leaving Niagara Falls, we passed back into New York and stayed at this Bed and Breakfast.

This was the sunset we saw that night.

We made it to Ottawa the next day and went to the Civilizations Museum the day after.

Above are some Totem Poles and below is some nice native quilt art.

We took some time to see the government buildings.

And we walked by a hotel with this neat cascade.

July 12-18, 2003 - Hanusa Family Trip Part III - on the Rideau Canal

This is the boat my family rented for a week.

Here is an interior shot.

Here is another.

And another.

This is the view from the Captain's seat that we all tried out:




On our way out, we went by an old car show.

We saw a Blue Heron.

This is what the coast of the Rideau Canal looks like.

This too.

We stopped one night at Smiths Falls and were greeted with this sunset.

Another view.

One more.

We also stopped for a night at Colonel By Island.

There was a nice nature trail there.

The next day we headed out again.

That night, we stayed in the nearby Provincial Park.

A big part of the trip was going through locks.

When you get to the locks, you have to work hard:

As you can see.

You also work hard when you're not at the locks...

This is on the way up to Perth.

It was a nice night there.

We went out for dinner near this park.

The effects in the water from the boat are neat.

The last night we were on the water, there was a huge storm:

Which led the way for a beautiful sunset.

We celebrated Max's birthday with some fireworks.

We sure did have an educational trip on the Rideau Canal.

July 28, 2003 - Moving in to our new apartment

The first meal in the new apartment -- with our helper friends!

Yum! Blackberry Tart!

The first lighting of the barbecue we bought.

Another month?