August 3, 2003 - Hiking Trip to Snow Lake

"Anyone up for yodeling?"

Snow Lake from above...

...and Snow Lake from below.

Quit clowning around, guys!

Stopping for lunch.

Testing out the waters.

On the lookout for strange creatures.

There's one!

A bartender on the rocks.

On the trail again.

The car's down there.

August 16, 2003 - Hiking Trip to Lake Twenty-Two

On this hike, we started out in the forest.

And soon made it into the mist.

Here's Debbie.

There was fungus among us.

Brian was, of course, ready for anything.

We made it up to Lake Twenty-Two.

And Eric wanted a picture taken.

Or two.

We sure did get wet.

A scenic view.

In a temperate rain forest, many trees are covered with moss.

The clouds started lifting away.

The trail was rocky at times.

And boy were there some big trees!

Here we've almost made it back.

A reminder of the flora we saw.

And of the waterfalls...

Another month?