November 2003 -- UW Math Department

Chris is hard at work.

Eric too.

Here Chris receives his Teaching Excellence Award.

November 2003 -- Microsoft Research

The bus that takes you there.

View over the lake.

The view when you get to Redmond.

Hello Eddie Bauer Headquarters.

MSR building 113.

The strange corridors aren't straight.

Henry Cohn and the lounge where we discuss math!

On the way back I got a picture of the other side of the lake.

And a picture from a bridge of the strait in full fall color.

November 2003 -- At Home

Audrey, and the cat's favorite cover.

It sure is comfy, or itchy if you're me.

Casper goes outside sometimes.

And lets you know when he wants to come in.

Audrey and I celebrated 4 years as a couple!

Another month?